Revlon Colorstay Eye


To launch a new host of eye products, a robust digital campaign was developed to capture the eyes of old and new Revlon fans.

Role  Digital Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Digital Strategy

Agency  AR New York
Creative Director  Jennifer Alfson

Executive Creative Director  David Israel

Standard Banners

We developed an extensive standard display campaign to increase awareness for ColorStay Eye's collection of four new products. Creative was formulated to deliver the same message as well as look and feel no matter the spec.

Rich Media Banner

With a bigger opportunity to engage, rich media banners were developed as a vehicle to introduce viewers to each piece of the collection on a more intimate level. The interactive slides contained four pieces of unique content meant to inspire and direct links to were provided, increasing the probability of an online purchase.

Web Experience

The campaign user journey ends on, where we integrated brand content into its general product pages aimed at keeping users engaged and on the site for longer stretches of time, resulting in a purchase.