Streamlining the solar sales process, into an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly tool for Sunrun.

UX Lead



Selling solar is a highly complex process with many considerations and constraints. Sales reps needed a streamlined way to manage their sales from prospecting to product installation. However, an unintuitive process, long lead times, and uncertainty of commitment made progressing to installation difficult. The existing tools were rigid and disjointed, causing inefficiencies and frustration for both sales reps and customers.


After an extensive discovery period, which included parsing through every aspect of the existing experience via functional audits and user interviews, we identified opportunities to consolidate the sales process within a more seamless, flexible, and user-friendly experience. This comprehensive evaluation allowed us to understand the pain points and needs of the sales reps, laying the groundwork for a holistic redesign of the sales app.


We reimagined the entire experience from lead creation, customer management, and sales presentation to solar offer building, checkout, and pre-installation. Key features included streamlined workflows and integrated tools that facilitated smoother transitions between sales stages. Additionally, the app provided real-time updates and clear, actionable insights to help sales reps make informed decisions quickly.

The redesigned Sunrun sales app significantly reduced lead times and improved the overall sales process. Sales reps reported higher satisfaction due to the app's ease of use and efficiency, leading to increased sales conversion rates and a smoother journey from prospecting to installation for customers.



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