A refreshed site and design system were developed to launch Viatris, the result of the merger between two major pharmaceutical entities.

Havas Health CX

UX Design

The launch of the brand site for Viatris, a newly-formed global healthcare company, was driven by a fundamental goal. First and foremost, ensuring that users could easily find and access the information and services they needed without unnecessary barriers.

The focus was on user-friendliness and simplicity, enabling stakeholders to navigate the platform with ease. 


To support this mission, an extensive library of templates and bespoke pages was created. These resources were designed to accommodate all current and future content affordances, ensuring that the platform could grow and evolve alongside the company's expanding range of services.


In addition to the template library, a comprehensive component library and style guide were developed. The component library included a wide range of elements that could be easily customized and integrated, allowing for seamless updates and enhancements. The style guide provided clear guidelines for maintaining consistency in design and user interface, which was vital for preserving the integrity of the brand and ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Together, these resources empowered Viatris to deliver a flexible, user-centric platform that could meet the evolving needs of its users


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